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Tuesday 1 April 2014

Basic Knitting Learning Videos

This project has brought lots of enthusiasm from all over the place, all very welcome. People have been asking if they can learn how to do the basic stitches to help out. This would certainly be part of the key benefits of the project, to learn something new!

So, in conjunction with a good tutor, here are some details on how to put this pattern together.

Cable Cast On
This is how to start the jersey and create the right number of stitches as a first row.

Knit Stitch - English Style
This is the standard stitch for going forward along the stitch line.

Purl Stitch - English Style
This is the standard stitch for going back along the stitch line. 

Colour and Design
The basic jersey pattern is quite simple.

We are aiming for plain coloured knitted jerseys of green, yellow, or white. If you are competent enough, a white jersey with red polka dots is a possible challenge! We are expecting to print these as well, hence not needed so many.

Please note that we cannot use the Tour de France logo as it's a protected trademark. If you think you want to do anything more complicated, please check before commencing anything. It would be sad to turn good work away because we can't use it.

Putting onto a Line
If you are gathering in a group, it makes a lot of sense to put your jerseys into a group along a line to really show your part of the bunting off!

The exact details are on our main pattern page.