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Saturday 15 March 2014

Jersey Pattern

Here are the basic patterns.

On this page you'll find all you need to:

Please ensure we have your contact details by pledging before starting!

Creating Bunting

If you make a series of jerseys in your group, it'd be good to keep them together. To do that they need to be attached to a bunting line ready for hanging.

We've been getting some fabulous ready-made bunting in of various lengths. It's great and everyone making to pattern B below is fantastic and to keep going! We do have a new pattern A to follow. And we have bundled up jerseys and cord at The Sheep Shop to take away to do so. Please help get our current jerseys onto cord!

Pattern A: Space the jerseys with a 5cm gap between them and have 12cm at either end. The lines are 4.5 metres long.

Pattern B: Space the jerseys with a 15cm gap between them and have 30cm at either end. Maximum length of a line is 12 metres, and please include a 30cm gap in the middle of a line that is more than 6 metres long.

The standard cord required is 4mm bungee cord which can be bought from many suppliers (5 metres, 10 metres, 100 metres).

Drop Off Points

Completed jerseys and bunting lines can be dropped off at several places listed on this page.

Knitted Jersey

Here is the basic knitted jersey pattern kindly donated by Jo Spreckley of Baa Ram Ewe in Harrogate.

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Crochet Jersey

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Fabric Template

Here is the basic fabric jersey pattern for sewing or alternative fixing.

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And here are the instructions.

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The best fabric to use would be a polka dot (as that's difficult to knit!) and can be got from many suppliers (Suzie-May, the White with Red dots).

Wheel Design

Here is the basic pattern for wrapping up a woollen wheel.

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