knitting, cutting, sewing, decorating our way to a funtastic day when the Tour de France visits!

Tuesday 25 March 2014

This is the homepage for the Cambridge bunting knitting AND fabric project, aiming to show off our town when the Tour de France comes on Monday 7th July.



We are getting requests from far and wide (even USA!) for some bunting.  Please register your desire to have some by telling us on our contact email (on the right), including your name and address. Please note that registration is vital, especially if you want your bunting posted. Donations prior to an accepted registration may not receive bunting.

We would like to give our lovely knitters first choice in having a string of bunting. Then our shops and businesses get second call and finally we're happy to offer it to all people. Any donations would be gratefully received on the JustGiving pages below and will go towards our charity causes.

We do have requests to use the bunting for future events. The Tour de Cottenham takes place on Friday 11th and will involve a closed road circuit for the pupils of the school.

Aside from that we have other promotional activities who'd like to keep some. If you have ideas, they are welcome!


Thanks for taking part in this fantastic community project!

I'm humbled by the enthusiasm and fun exuded by everyone I've had the great opportunity to meet and chat with in this project. And I can only pass that on to those who've I've not been able to meet, I wish I could have! I do have to mention a few groups who's contributions have been outstanding.
  • The Sheep Shop for providing a magnificent base for the whole project and welcome tea and biscuits throughout.
  • Fine and Country estate agents for holding the whole project together and timely purchases of key supplies. 
  • The Women's Institute of Cambridgeshire: having your determined backing made an enormous difference to this project.
  • The tireless work by the Key Group who guided the project through some seemingly endless meetings with great patience.
  • And last but most definitely not least, all the knitters, sewers (?), crocheters, wrappers (and rappers?), walkers, riders, mechanics, and designers. Each and every one of you has made this happen in a way I really couldn't predict just a few months back. People have come from all over the county, country, and even Australia to take part!

A few details on the final creation.
  • Around 400 people in over 100 groups have taken part in knitting over 2,000 little Tour de France jerseys to make half a kilometre of bunting.
  • Around 40 wheels have had wool wrapped round them by a number of people and primary school pupils.
  • Our work is on key works throughout the city centre and in over 50 shops and businesses in and around town.
  • This project held its first meeting just 15 weeks ago, with just 3 people attending. 

What to do now

Apart from registering for bunting, let's enjoy this festival of colour that bedecks our town centre.

Please take photos of any remaining bunting and add them to our photo map. Also have a look at our photo map (or in list form) and reminisce about a special day for Cambridge!


The Big Idea. To read more about the big idea follow this link or read our press release..

Pledge to Knit! Pledge to join in with the project.

Jersey and Wheel Pattern Download a knitting, crochet, or fabric pattern and even Learn to Knit or Learn to Sew!

Drop Off Points See where to send the finished jerseys.



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